The bamboo period pantie

We have three styles of period panties. The classy pantie. The comfy pantie. And the cheeky pantie. All three are on our shelves because they each have their qualities style wise and as they all live up to our high standards in terms of product quality and absorption capability.

We encourage you to go for the style you like – by choosing either of our products rather than any single-use disposable period product, you help do what’s right for the planet.

And by choosing the style that feels right to you, the act of wearing them and ditching the disposables becomes more effortless.

Our comfy pantie – the star of sustainability

We’ll, however, allow ourselves to highlight our comfy pantie as the particularly environmentally friendly choice. The main part of this pantie is produced with 70% sustainable bamboo and 30% viscose (the absorbing part of the pantie contains cotton).

When comparing sustainable bamboo with cotton, it’s many times used counterpart, the bamboo wins on a number of parameters.

In a direct comparison between bamboo and cotton:

- Bamboo is grown with no use of pesticides, whereas this is not always the case for cotton.

- Bamboo requires one third of the water usage used for breeding cotton, partly because bamboo grows much faster.

- One acre of bamboo yields up to 10 times more fabric than one acre of cotton.

- Whereas cotton needs to get harvested and replanted on a yearly basis, bamboo replenishes naturally and the same plant can yield great bamboo for up to four years.

- Bamboo has inherent antibacterial qualities.

On top of all this, the synergy between the bamboo and viscose makes the comfy pantie super soft. These are panties that you will want to snuggle up in.