Hi there! We are My Period Project. We are here to make the clever choice for handling periods available worldwide. Back when single-use, disposable period products were invented they changed billions of lives for the better. That was good news – but good news that unfortunately came with a high cost.

What was not thought through back then was the environmental impact of these hygiene products and many other products that are making our lives convenient but harming our planet.

Today we all know that our daily choices affect mother earth and it can no longer be questioned that we need to change our habits to keep this planet as our home moving forward.

Because we now know better, we must also do better.

So we chose to make our part selling period panties with a very high absorbency, which allow people to stop using disposable products. We chose to sell a bamboo option as soon as we found it, since it’s much better than cotton for many reasons. We decided to plant a tree for every sale and support reforestation. And last but not least we created a special packaging in paper, to further reduce plastic waste for a whole green product life-cycle.


We work every day with passion and with an open, honest and creative mind. We want to constantly increase the sustainability of our products, as well as we approach any aspect of our business very ethically.


We take care of the well-being of our workers and promote less stressful shifts and workplaces. We think kindness is the key to a more just and livable world, and we build appreciative relationships with all our stakeholders and clients.

We look at the world with an intersectional and systemic view and we are active on many fronts, as for example the defense of human, women’s, queer and animal rights, a just and anti-colonialistic support of communities in the Global South, menstrual equity, and the advocacy of menstrual issues starting from our own countries, where we want to promote state subsidies for period products, no VAT on them, and paid holidays for period days.


We want to break the taboo around menstruation and to raise awareness about menstrual needs. That’s also why we celebrate the Menstrual Hygiene Day donating part of our revenues to associations engaged in this direction.


We are also into alternative economies and we are considering the possibility to become one day a certified B-corp.


Our team is small, but experienced.


We are humble but ambitious, we like to co-work with many other people, and we are eager to build a different world with you.


Let’s get to it!