Let’s plant trees

Behind My Period Project are three individuals who know that we can do better and who want to do better.

We are thrilled to see where our project of selling an environmentally and financially sustainable solution for periods worldwide will take us, and we have decided to add the extra element of planting a tree for every sale.

Fighting deforestation

Deforestation of especially rainforests is an enormous global problem. This happens because we have not managed to create habits that are aligned with the needs and wants of our globe, and the consequences of this are getting closer and closer every day. The solution is reforestation (on top of stopping the burnings!) – and even though bigger efforts are needed than what we can provide, we want to at least do something.

In collaboration with you.

That’s why for every transaction of our period panties we plant a tree in the rainforest and other critical forests around the globe where reforestation is most urgently needed.

Collaboration with One Tree Planted

We plant trees in collaboration with the organization One Tree Planted who have planted trees since 2014 with the vision of “giving back to the environment, creating a healthier climate, protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world”.

They are non-profit and right on.

The setup is simple. One sale. One tree planted. One period becoming more sustainable.

Let’s plant.