Repeat good actions

It is not the single disposable menstrual pad or tampon that ruins the environment. It is the repeated action of choosing the “easy”, disposable solution time after time and time again that is the problem.

And this problem is in many cases kept alive due to mere habit rather than conscious decision making.

Let’s end the production of single-use disposable period products

In an average life with periods you have 15,750 decisions to make. That’s why through repeated action, you can actually make an impact.

When we do this together globally, we can:

- Decrease water usage.

- Lower carbon emissions.

- Lessen plastic waste in the world oceans.

- End a production that counteracts all of the above.

That’s how our repeated actions of not choosing single-use disposable products become impactful.

My Period Project is … well, a project

We are here to make the clever choice for handling periods available worldwide. For us, the clever choice is the choice that is environmentally sustainable, financially sustainable and that does not compromise with your everyday comfort.

We specialize in period panties, but we are all in for all thinkable sustainable period solutions; The cups. Reusable pads. Bleeding freely whenever you are in that mood.

Period panties if this is the solution that feels right for you.

Any of these solutions becomes truly sustainable when you find the one that is just right for you, because that’s when you will stick to it.

My Period Project is in this sense a collective project that anyone is invited to take part in.

It’s a mindset of making the better choice.